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Tantric Belly Dance Workshops:

Rediscover Your Sacred Connection To The Earth Through Belly Dance, Tantra & Meditation

Leave all your worries aside and come shake it off at Back To The Earth Belly Dance. For centuries, civilizations have lifted their spirits through dancing, and now you can do the same. Whether you’re an advanced dancer or just starting out, we have something to offer everyone. Have a look at our available classes to find the right fit for you.


Who Am I

Don’t Think. Just Dance.

Hi, I'm Vicky. I offer classes and workshops in Tribal Fusion style belly dance.  I also offer self development workshops for women using belly dance combined with women's circle, a little Tantra and meditation with the intention of bringing women together and back into their true power.

  I've always loved to dance.  It is so good for your soul. I've felt dance heal and nourish my soul from the inside out over the years.  It is a truly powerful tool for self care and self love. Here's a little about my experience:

    I've been a belly dancer for over ten years.  I've performed both in the UK and abroad.  I trained as a belly dance teacher in London with Mia Serra's School for Belly Dance.  Since then I've won several awards including Miss Belly Dance UK 2012 Fusion Solo Category and a Sexual Freedom Award for Temple Dance in 2013.

   I have always had a deep interest in spirituality. I'm a Reiki Master, Counselor, Spiritual Healer and Sexologist.  I've been a Tantra practitioner for eight years.  I have been on my own personal healing journey through Tantra, attending many women's workshops and one to one sessions.  I am naturally sensitive to energy and over the last year I have felt a growing connection between the Earth and myself.  It's been a beautiful, healing and nourishing experience. This connection has deepened through the dance and meditation I teach in my workshops.  Please explore my site for more information, and feel free to reach out with questions.


Classes I Offer

Belly Dance Classes & Workshops


What Are The Benefits Of Belly Dance?

Love Your Body, Love Yourself, Love Your Life

Belly Dance has so many great benefits:

  • Get fit: Belly dance is a great low impact activity

  • Feel more confident in your body

  • Reconnect with your feminine, sensual side

  • Improve flexibility and coordination

  • Beat anxiety and depression

  • Release stress

  • Meet other great women

  • Have fun

Back To The Sacred Cave:

Rediscover Your Sacred Connection To The Earth

This workshop focuses on bringing women together, bringing us into our true power by reconnecting us with the Beautiful Earth.  Throughout history and various spiritual philosophy woman's connection with the Earth has been well documented. Tantra, Shamanism and Paganism are all examples of the innate connection between the feminine and the Earth. 

Patriarchy, social conditioning, the use of artificial and man made products has certainly brought us further away from that deep connection. The way we treat the Earth, a rise in depression and anxiety are all symptoms of this disconnection.  This workshop uses belly dance, tantra, women's circle and meditation to bring women into their centre. You will rediscover your connection to Grandmother Earth, your own innate feminine wisdom and gain a powerful ally's in the process.

Price:  £20 for 2 hours


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Classes In Salisbury: Coming Soon!

Time To Dance

This class has a strong empahsis on technique. Expect to learn locks, pops. combos and the slinky, serpentine style classic to Tribal fusion Belly Dance.

Price: £10 per Hour

One To One Classes

Focus On What Ever You Want To Learn

Private Instruction.  You'll learn so much more in a one to one class.  We can tailor this class to suit your needs.  Whether it be simple combos, and classic Tribal Fusion or a combination of Tantra and Belly Dance.  I can teach you in your home or in a studio.  Please email me for more details. 

£60 per hour

£40 per hour online


Workshops and Events

Salisbury, Bristol And London

Back to the Sacred Cave: A Belly Dance workshop for Women. Rediscover your sacred connection to the Earth through Belly Dance, Tantra and Womens Circle.  Full details above.

Saturday 26th January @ Elevate Dance Studio, 52a Fisherton Street, SALISBURY, SP2 7RB 

Please book your tickets through eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/back-to-the-sacred-cave-rediscover-your-sacred-connection-to-the-earth-through-belly-dance-tantra-tickets-53751716832

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