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Back To The Earth Bellydance

  • Fusion Bellydance Classes
  • Women's Circle
  • Women's Self Development
  • Get Fit The Fun Way
  • Build Body Confidence
  • Learn Sensual Self Expression
  • Learn About Tantra In A Safe, Women Only Space
  • Connect With The Earth & Nature Through Dance
  • Boost Your Mood
  • Meet Other Great Women
In Glastonbury, Somerset.

Who Am I

 I am Vicky and I'm a fusion belly dance teacher and performer, sacred ceremonialist and a Sister of Avalon. I  offer Fusion Belly dance instruction and self-development workshops for women using belly dance combined with women's circle, a little Tantra, sacred archetypes, and meditation. Aside from bringing women together to dance for fun and connection, my intention is to help women truly embrace their bodies and all other aspects of themselves through dance and connection.

  I've always loved to dance.  It is so good for your soul. I've felt dance heal and nourish my soul from the inside out over the years.  It is a truly powerful tool for self care and self love. Here's a little about my experience:

    I've been a belly dancer for twenty years. I've performed both in the UK and abroad. I am a fully certified and insured belly dance teacher.  I've won several awards including Miss Belly Dance UK 2012 Fusion Solo Category and a Sexual Freedom Award for Temple Dance in 2013.

   I have always had a deep interest in spirituality and embodiment practices. I'm a Reiki Master, Counsellor, Spiritual Healer and Sexologist.  I've also been a Tantra practitioner and bodyworker for twelve years.  I have been on my own personal healing journey through Tantra, attending many women's workshops and one to one sessions. I love to weave all these things together into my classes. I am naturally sensitive to energy and over the last year I have felt a growing connection between the Earth and myself.  It's been a beautiful, healing and nourishing experience. This connection has deepened through the dance and meditation I teach in my workshops.  Please explore my site for more information, and feel free to reach out with questions.

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Workshops & Events


Regular Fusion Belly Dance Class in Glastonbury - General Level. Monday nights: 7-8pm

Love Your Body, Love Yourself, Love Your Life

Belly Dance has so many great benefits:


  • Get fit: Belly dance is a great low impact activity

  • Feel more confident in your body


  • Reconnect with your feminine, sensual side


  • Improve flexibility and coordination


  • Beat anxiety and depression


  • Release stress


  • Meet other great women


  • Have fun!

This class is suitable for any level. Work at your own place. We look at a different focus every week. It could be drum solo, fluidity, an element. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring water. The class is held in Glastonbury very close to town.  Book your tickets here:

6 Lessons for £60


Drop in: £12.50:



New! Online Fusion Belly Dance Classes: Sunday 7th August, 11am - 12pm -  only £5


If you've ever been curious about my style, live too far from Glastonbury or are unable to come to my classes for any reason, in August this year you can catch me online for several weeks. This is the first class. I shall post more soon. Hope to see you there: 

Goddess Empowerment Workshop

Are you ready to claim your divine feminine power back ? Or do you wish to celebrate your power?

Join us in reclaiming & activating your Cauldron of Creative Potential, the incredible incubator of divine life that gives birth to all the new stories.

As we come together, we synchronise and realign with our birth right energy, embodying all that is our 'Divine Feminine' and anchoring ourselves deep into the heart of the Earth Mother.

Are you ready to rise ? and to reconnect with the awesome power of nature, both inside and out?

☮️ To RISE, RISE and stand in your full sovereign power, reclaiming your body and true essence.

🔥 Reclaiming your power

🔥 Sacred womb activation

🔥 Sensual Free Flowing Movement of Femininity in all its forms.

🔥 Belly Dancing

🔥 Transcendental Meditation

🔥 Chanting

🔥 Embodiment Rituals

🔥 Mythology around the divine feminine

🔥 Cacao Ritual

Who is this for?

Woman of all ages and stages.

Pregnant goddesses are very welcome.

What you will need?

Comfortable clothing

Notebook and pen

Your favourite mug for your infusion

🌙 Join is on a transformative journey of empowerment, embracing all that we are.

Book your place here:


Sensuality & The Goddess:
A Beltane Circle For Women in Glastonbury: Coming Soon


  • Do you want to feel more body confident?

  • Do you want to feel sexier?

  • Have you ever been curious about Tantra and would like to explore it in a safe environment?

  • Would you like to learn belly dance?

If you answer yes to any of this, this one day workshop is for you. We will explore solo Tantric practices and the sensual aspects of belly dance. You'll learn about how movement can connect you to your sexual and sensual flow. You'll learn how Neo Tantric practice can inspire deep self love and body confidence no matter what your age or size. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing, but also bring something to wear or change into that helps you to feel beautiful or sensual. Please also bring a blindfold and some water.  Places are limited for this event.  

New! Online Event: Rhiannon's Sacred Cave: Sunday 31st July, 6pm - 9pm

Are you a woman who is curious about sacred sexuality or belly dance? Would you like to reconnect to your sensuality or experience more pleasure? Now you can learn about these things from the comfort of your own home regardless of where you are in the world. Let's come together to share, dance and celebrate our relationship to sensuality in this three hour workshop for women. You'll need a good internet connection, a comfortable space where you won't be disturbed, a blindfold and some water or your favourite tea. More information and tickets can be bought here:

One To One Classes

Focus On What Ever You Want To Learn

Private Instruction.  You'll learn so much more in a one to one class.  We can tailor this class to suit your needs.  Whether it be simple combos, and classic Fusion or a combination of Tantra and Belly Dance.  I can teach you in your home or in my studio.  Please email me for more details. 

One To One Fusion Belly Dance Lesson: £40 Per Hour

Tantra & Fusion Belly Dance One To One: £65 For 90 Minutes



Performances and Events:

Micro belly dance festival at The Red Brick Building in Glastonbury. There'll be workshops during the day and a show in the evening. 

Saturday 18th June. Starting at 10am

The Glastonbury Goddess Temple In Person Summer Solstice Ceremony:

Come and Celebrate the Sumer Solstice with the Goddess Temple on 21st June at 7pm. 28 Magdeline Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ

Book me to dance at your event: 

I would love to come and dance at your event.  Please email me for more details on pricing and availability.

  • Hen Party, Birthday Party & Group Lessons

  • Birthdays

  • Outdoor Events & Festivals

  • Barbeques

  • And More..


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